Virgie Vincent is an award-winning entrepreneur whose work across luxury real estate, interior design, and financial consulting is a veritable tour de force — and an example of just how diverse a lifestyle brand can be when it’s done right.

Virgie has been a licensed realtor in the state of California for over twenty years, and she has many years of experience in real estate financial services. Through The Veblen Group, a powerhouse luxury brand she co-founded in 2014, Virgie has filled a niche that no other realty group can fill: The Veblen Group can stage, sell, finance, and completely design a property through its step-by-step turnkey services. Virgie, who is well-versed in finance and business management, helps her clients reach the fabled “American Dream” through her efforts and funding.

One of Virgie Vincent’s proudest moments in real estate was supporting the development of a master-planned community, Whispering Timbers, on the West Coast. Thanks to Virgie’s strategic funding, an unprecedented 208 affordable homes were built for first-time homebuyers, totaling $48 million. She also was the first to launch the HUD Neighborhood Stabilization Program in her local area.

Virgie’s far-reaching social and professional networks, as well as her ability to sense new and exciting opportunities, have resulted in past strategic alliances with some of the most influential names in real estate, including Starwood International Hotels & Sotheby’s International. Virgie Vincent has financed and sold luxury homes to many high net-worth individuals, including a wide circle of celebrities in sports, entertainment, and politics.

A longtime philanthropist, Virgie Vincent enjoys giving back to her community. She was instrumental in the initial launching of the Summer Business Institute Intern Program, a program for young high school girls who want to get into the business world, as well as providing her services as a mentor as well. Through her leadership and guidance, many young women who are interested in the financial sector have gone on to seek higher education and establish successful careers in real estate.

Virgie Vincent has sold millions of dollars in real estate, and she is an ardent professional in the end-to-end process, starting with top-tier real estate investments and sales and concluding with the ultimate luxurious interior design plan. Her work has been selected and featured in “Who’s Who,” earned a distinction as one of the Top Women-Owned Businesses in America and designated her as a go-to leader in the California real estate community.