Pets–love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no denying that we spend more time and more money making their lives happier and more comfortable. Buying a home is no different. Today, home-buyers take the needs of their pets into serious consideration when shopping for houses.

How can you be sure that you’re new house is accommodating to your furry friend? Scout out these 4 fantastic finds to make your move–and theirs, a positive change!

Chocolate Lab Dog

Say Yes to the Address

What’s the very first question you’ll want to ask your realtor? Make sure the prospective house or condo is pet-friendly. While more and more spaces are accommodating to pets today, you’ll still want to be sure that your companion can follow you to your new digs.

Further, you’ll want to ask about specific homeowners’ associations or condo restrictions that may accept pets, but only certain breeds or weights. If you’re considering a fence, you’ll also want to check what rules apply to yard additions as well.

Sleepy Dog

Wide, Open Spaces

Dog-owners in particular will want to make sure there’s ample space for their pet to exercise. Whether this means an expansive backyard or a short walk to a great park, asking your realtor questions about the nearby green spaces is a great idea!

A Suitable Mudroom Most pet-owners will agree–having a room designated for the feeding and care of their animals is preferred! Mudrooms are great for cleaning off muddy paws in the springtime. They’re also wonderful spots to house the food dishes, litter box, and toy bins.

Dog and Human at the Beach

A Thriving Pet Community

Finally, ask your realtor about the surrounding area or do some online research. Does the community offer a trusted veterinarian? What about an emergency clinic or a boarding facility? You may take for granted the local destinations of your previous home, but when moving with your pet, it will be in your best interest to find this information out early.
79 million households are now home to a furry friend or aquatic dwelling creature–and the number is only expected to rise! When you make the decision to move, so does your pet.

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