When it comes to real estate, millennials have a long list of must-have’s. As more of the young generation enters the market to buy houses of their own, homeowners and agents will have to adapt to their living preferences. All generations have unique home wish-lists and millennials are no different. How does their list differ? Read on to see what our youngest crop of house hunters look for most when shopping for their homes. With the right details, you can stage your house perfectly to attract the next generations of house hunters.

Cozy Size (and Budget)

Millennials are straddled with high student debt and a competitive job market, leaving many young individuals with a smaller savings for a down payment. This means forgoing extravagant houses for a more modest setting.

When it comes to smaller sizes, Millennials make the most out of their pint-sized arrangements. This is the generation that thinks Ikea, first. The world-wide retailer offers hundreds of products and furniture originally designed for compact housing in Europe or large cities. Today, young people flock to the big-box warehouse to buy minimalistic furniture to complement their smaller homes.

When staging your house, opt for minimalism. Millennials prefer to have high-quality, high-functioning pieces in their abodes. And don’t scrimp on cozy features. Luxurious throw blankets, jute rugs, candles. These accents will create an inviting atmosphere for this cozy-minded individual.

Big on Style

Millennials may be willing to sacrifice on size, however, they’re highly invested on style, feng-shui, and quality. This generation may be conservative with their money, but they’re big on individualism and unique pieces. Looking to stage your house to attract young couples? Opt for rustic pieces like wooden coffee tables and vibrant, quirky art. Millennials are masters at developing homes into unique retreats, thanks to a plethora of apps and websites, like Houzz and Pinterest.

Fluid Spaces

For the Millennial, home is a multitude of spaces. Living area. Make-shift office. Impromptu party-pad. Landing spot for visiting friends. This generation works hard and plays hard and looks to mold their living space to accommodate all aspects of their busy lives. Millennials are not as concerned about having a formal dining area. They’d prefer an open space where entertaining and working can happen at the heart of the house. Why not showcase a large dining table during your staging. Add a colorful placemats, a vase of flowers, a laptop. For this generation, the dining table is so much more than a place to eat.

Move-in Ready

Like any house hunter, younger individuals are looking for houses that are ready to go. If you have the time, why not embark on a few home improvement projects that will allure young home buyers? Change out the hardware on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Invest in newer model ceiling fans. Install dimmer switches. Create an inviting outdoor space. While you may think of these details as extraneous, the younger generation will notice and value these upgrades. Best of all, homeowners can add these touches inexpensively and efficiently.


Millennials love to be connected online and to their local communities. While you may not be able to change the location of your house, you can stage your home to appear fully connected.

To complement your home’s staging, add bluetooth speakers to rooms. Create an office area with books, laptop, and charging station. Add white linens and candles to your bathroom to create a spa-like effect. This will help you paint a picture in your buyer’s minds. Let them know that your house is designed to host parties, provide relaxation, and act as an office when necessary.

While Millennials may not be buying houses in hordes, they are buying with a selective eye. With the right staging, you can attract younger buyers better by understanding their lifestyle and their motives to attain it.