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Our homes are nothing like what was predicted several decades ago. We don’t utilize hoverboards or personal robotic maids (think The Jetsons) yet we still have access to amazing technology. Relying on electronic devices has become a normal part of our daily lives. And it’s beginning to merge how we live each day. As you look at buying a house and the various features you can choose to go along with it, smart home automation will be as standard as asking for a pool in the backyard.

Keyless locks

Smart key detection has been popular with cars for over a decade. It makes the entry into your car far more convenient and safe. Keyless locks take this technology to the next level with your home. You can sync your smartphone to the lock, so whenever you come within a few feet of the door, it’ll unlock. There will be no more fumbling with bags and items in order to reach for your keys! This feature is also great for families with small kids. You no longer have to lend out a key or worry about its potential of being lost.

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Smart appliances

Though not a lot of people are currently investing in smart features in their kitchens, experts believe this trend may soon change. Ovens and stoves controlled by a remote or smartphone app are likely to be the first smart kitchen appliances to rise in popularity. If the concept of the Internet of Things catches on, which is where all electronic devices can be connected, the market for smart kitchen appliances will rapidly grow in the next decade.

Home security systems

This smart home feature may be the most popular on the current market. People are highly concerned about the safety of their homes, especially when they have children who are home alone or frequently go on vacation. There are various types of home security systems you can purchase, such as ones that sync to your smartphone and let you view camera feeds from around the house, or systems that you turn on and off using your phone.

Lighting controls

Another relatively common feature is lighting control from a remote or app. Homeowners can turn lights on and off from the comfort of their couch or bed and not worry about stumbling around in the dark! Another benefit of lighting controls is that there are various apps and websites that can be accessed away from the home so you can turn lights on and off or set them on timers. This control adds increased security to your home when you’re away, because potential intruders won’t realize that people aren’t actually in the house.

As technology continues to change the way we communicate, drive, and live, there’s no doubt that the housing market will be transformed by its latest developments. Do you currently use Smart Home features? Which trend are you most excited about?

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