Initially, Snapchat started out as a photo sharing app, but, since its inception, has grown into something much larger. Today, users share photos, videos, and communicate through the app’s messaging capabilities. While these facets of Snapchat are appealing to individual users, real estate professionals are adopting this social media platform to bond with customers like never before.

The Many Ways Snapchat Can Connect You to Homebuyers

Snapchat allows you to upload an individual photo, a series of photos (known as a story), or a video, so it becomes easy to see how this can benefit realtors. By uploading content that features your hottest properties, you can reach home buyers instantly. They may be out running errands in the area, while you’re hosting an open house, or may want to schedule a one on one appointment to see a property that you have shared on Snapchat.

To get those kinds of results, it first becomes necessary to understand how this particular social media app works. For instance, stories are replayable when the user taps either side of the screen. By tapping the left side, the user can look at the previous picture, while tapping the right side will let the user see the next image in the line-up.

When posting to Snapchat, it’s important to check your settings. You’ll want to make sure your posts shared publicly so that other users can see your posts; this is important because users may share your posts. You won’t receive the notification that the post was shared, so setting your posts to be publicly viewable will ensure others will be able to view the content. It’s easy to see how this can help a realtor who posts home listings on his or her account.

More Snapchat Tools to Help Realtors

Other ways in which Snapchat makes it easier to connect with homebuyers is in allowing users to search for a specific individual. For instance, if a client is actively looking for a home and hasn’t been online recently, he or she can search for the realtor’s name and view all of that person’s posts. Additionally, Snapchat will allow you to see which users have viewed your story; this may help a realtor reach out to other home buyers, especially those who continuously follow your posts.

By taking advantage of Snapchat’s features, real estate agents can connect with new homebuyers and keep in touch with existing clients. The ability to message and share content can help any realtor build their brand and develop a strong following.