Are you hoping to purchase your perfect luxury home along the breathtaking shores of the west coast? You have every terrain imaginable — from flatlands to forests, beaches and cliffs, and even mountains — along the more than 40,000 of coastline. Are you having a tough time choosing your dream home location? Go no further for your information than here, because I’ve gathered a list of the best west coast views in the United States.

Laguna Beach, California

As a rich enclave, this west coast town is perfect for anyone looking to live in luxury. The picturesque beach town is home to great restaurants, bars, art galleries, lounges and high-end stores. In addition, the natural landscape of beaches, rocky bluffs and craggy canyons make looking for a home with a view relatively easy, since nearly every home on its shores has a great view!


Big Sur, California

This sparsely populated town is bordered by mountains to the east, ocean to the west, and is home to the earth’s tallest and oldest redwood trees. If you’re up for an adventure, the town is accessible through a narrow, two-lane road known as State Route 1 — famous for its winding turns, seaside cliffs and views of the misty coastline. Big Sur is a perfect place for anyone looking for peaceful living and magnificent views.


Santa Monica, California

“California Dreamin’” meets its match in Santa Monica. The town has more than 300 sunny days per year, so prepare to get a lot of use out of your convertible and have a wide array of sunglasses available. The clear blue skies and roads lined with palm trees will have you living in paradise like a Hollywood star.


Cannon Beach, Oregon

Ancient sea stacks reach up from the ocean in Cannon Beach. Its most iconic sea stack, known as Haystack Rock, is 235 feet tall. Adjacent to the beach and accessible by foot at low tide, Haystack Rock’s tide pools are home to many intertidal animals — perfect for any animal or nature lover. And at sunset, you watch the sun’s descent between the many basalt spires.


Morro Bay, California

If you’re looking for a town similar to Cannon Beach but you’re not interested to live in Oregon, check out Morro Bay in California! The town is best known for Morro Rock, a 578-foot volcanic peak rising from the water just offshore from the grassy dunes.


Florence, Oregon

The sand dunes are what makes Florence unique. Home to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, there more than 40 miles of windswept sand that are the result of millions of years of wind and rain erosion on the Oregon Coast. Some of these dunes tower as high as 500 feet! The dunes create numerous recreational opportunities like photography and horseback riding.


Sequim, Washington

You would think that almost all towns in Washington state are rainy. Not Sequim! It’s the sunniest town in Washington due to its location in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains. It actually gets just as much rain is Los Angeles, which isn’t a lot. If you currently live in Washington and you’re looking to relocate, Sequim will brighten your spirits.