Millennial entrepreneurs are having a major impact on all industries, with much more to be expected from the entrepreneurial generation in the coming years, millennials are known for their entrepreneurial skill and the mark they have made on the tech industry. According to BNP Paribas, Millennial entrepreneurs (MP’s) will have a major upcoming influence on multiple industries especially in the field of  real estate and business entrepreneurship.

This generation is more inclined to start their own business and to take on professional risks. In fact, female entrepreneurs are among those most successful, often outperforming their male counterparts, despite the fact that they are still often overlooked in the world of business.

The success of these women is rooted in shaping their respective businesses with a clear strategy and strong leadership as indicated by the results of the latest annual Global Entrepreneur report by BNP Paribas Wealth Management.

Millennial entrepreneurs and real estate

In the world of real estate, millennial entrepreneurs will choose to purchase high-end property in urban locations. But many young entrepreneurs will commute from a luxury residence outside the city. Therefore, they boost the local non-urban profile. High prices and limited inventory can influence a millennial’s decision to buy elsewhere than in a major center.

Chasing a certain lifestyle, though, is a significant factor in the mind of the young wealthy buyer. This recent purchasing phenomenon is not just limited to areas in close proximity to a metropolis. According to the Luxury Defined 2016, Report by Christie’s International Real Estate, even coastal and mountain areas can be of interest to MP’s.

Due to modern technology and progressive communication, a millennial entrepreneur can settle almost anywhere, enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and still maintain the necessary worldwide connections for a successful global enterprise. Therefore, diverse regions that were not previously home to MP’s are now welcoming them as new residents and business owners.

Upscale markets

Several groups fuel the high-end real estate market, including foreign buyers and millennial entrepreneurs . Yet local wealthy millennial purchasers also have a tremendous influence on the luxury real estate sector. Comeback markets have been affected positively by interest from rich millennial entrepreneurs. Those in the low-to-middle tiers of wealth have made a considerable difference.

During the past 12 months, their investment portfolios rose by 12 percent. This entrepreneurial group maintain a diverse profile; 20 percent of investment directs to their own business and they allotted 17 percent for real estate as well according to BNP Paribas .

These two categories represent their preferred holdings though they dabble in diversity. Millennial entrepreneurs in France and the United Kingdom have the most interest in a residential property; they hold about 21 percent in real estate.

Millennial entrepreneurs versus traditional entrepreneurs

As well as locations, other factors have changed in today’s luxury real estate market. People take a unique approach to modern business. The contemporary high-net-worth population has a different look than the previously-held perception of wealthy buyers. The demographic of the luxury purchase includes others besides those with inherited wealth or individuals who have become global leaders.

Today’s high-end buyer might be a young entrepreneur, technology genius, retail giant, consummate professional or smart new investor. More disposable income broadens the millennial entrepreneur’s horizons and expands the luxury real estate market.


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